How old is Ruby Riott?

Ruby Riott About.

Ruby Riott, whose real name is Dori Prange is a professional wrestling star well-known for her work in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). She carved her own mark in the scene with her distinctive appearance, energetic performance, and impressive wrestling skills. Through her career, she had to face obstacles, made it through and left an indelible impression in the wrestling world.

Born on the 9th of January 1991 at Edwardsburg, Michigan, Ruby began to develop a love for wrestling. It was her journey into the squared circle that started in her teens when she began her training at a school for wrestling in Detroit. In the school, she was taught the ropes and sharpened her skills, and was preparing for the rigors in professional sports.

How old is Ruby Riott?

Ruby Riott (real name: Dori Prange) was born on the 9th of January 1991. If the current date falls after January 9, 2023 she’d be 32 years old. older.


In 2011 Ruby Riott made her debut under the name of the ring “Heidi Lovelace” on the independent wrestling circuit. Her popularity quickly grew due to her amazing abilities and distinctive punk-inspired style. Her style of wrestling consisted of fast-moving moves, technical skills and powerful strikes that captivated both wrestlers and fans alike.

As her fame grew, she took part in numerous independent shows throughout all across the United States, showcasing her talents to a larger public. Ruby’s determination and dedication to be successful in a male-dominated field was evident and she quickly caught the interest of WWE Scouts.

In the year 2016 Ruby Riott joined WWE’s developmental territory, NXT. Under the new Ring name “Ruby Riott,” she was able to continue impressing with her performance and swiftly became a favorite among fans. In NXT included captivating storylines and thrilling matches against some of the most talented wrestlers within the division.

In the year 2017, Ruby Riott, along with Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan made their debut on the main roster of WWE as three members referred to in the ring as The Riott Squad. They instantly made an impact by challenging the established norms and battling well-known superstars. The group’s unique dynamics and chemistry stood them out and soon they became an elite female force in the division.

Through her time in WWE, Ruby Riott continued to develop both as a wrestler, and as a persona. She showed incredible versatility in her portrayal of a tough, resilient persona, while also displaying the vulnerability of her emotions and. People were impressed by her authenticity and gained support from a loyal following of fans.

Injury is a frequent issue in the sport of wrestling. Ruby Riott faced her fair number of setbacks. While she was afflicted with injuries throughout the course of her career always displayed determination and strength by overcoming injuries and making impressive comebacks each time.

Ruby’s commitment and hard work earned her the opportunity to win championships. While she didn’t win the singles title in WWE however she was an impressive competitor and well-known participant on the roster. Her influence grew beyond the arena, encouraging young followers and future wrestlers to go after their goals in a brave way.

In addition to wrestling Ruby Riott is an active advocate for positive body image as well as mental wellness awareness. Ruby Riott has been open about her struggles with physical appearance as well as mental health concerns, with the goal to end stereotypes and help people who are facing similar struggles.

In the professional wrestling industry roster changes and release are aspect of the game. The year 2021 saw WWE announced the release of Ruby Riott and a host of other stars in their cost-cutting strategies. Despite her release however, her influence on the industry and the fans continues to be.

After her release Ruby Riott returned to the independent wrestling scene and continued to display her talent and entertain fans. Her determination and dedication to her sport demonstrated during this period made her an inspiration for young wrestlers as well as fans.

Beyond the ring of wrestling, Ruby Riott is a skilled and multifaceted person. She loves animals and is a strong advocate for rescue groups for animals. In interviews and on social media, she expresses her love for her animals and encourages people to consider adopting animals in need.




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Net Worth

Ruby Riott’s estimated net worth of about $ 2 million. is also famous for her work in WWE in which she performed under the name of the ring Ruby Riott.

Ruby’s story of wrestling is a humbling tale of determination, passion and uniqueness. Her ability to change to change, reinvent herself, and engage with her fans is what makes her an authentic professional in the field of entertainment for sports.

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