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Cody Garrett Runnels, known by his ringname Cody Rhodes, is a name that has a profound resonance within pro-wrestling’s world. The wrestler was born June 30th, 1985 in Marietta, Georgia, Cody’s journey through the world of professional wrestling has been anything but ordinary. From continuing the tradition of his legendary father, to establishing his own path and making an impact that lasts, Cody Rhodes has proven himself to be an innovator both in and out of in the circle of squares.


Early Beginnings and Wrestling Heritage

Cody’s wrestling roots run deep as he is from the legendary Rhodes family. His father, legendary Dusty Rhodes, was a pioneer in the business leaving a permanent mark on the history of wrestling. As a child in a household with a deep love for the tradition in wrestling Cody had a taste of business at an early age. He was able to witness firsthand the commitment as well as the passion and sacrifice necessary to be successful in today’s challenging world.

With a love for wrestling running through his veins Cody’s path to the arena was inevitable. Cody made his debut in the year 2006 and entered the world of professional wrestling with determination to honour the legacy of his family and developing his own brand.

Rising Through the Ranks

The early years of Cody’s involvement in the business were characterized by his stint in WWE’s developing region, Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) where he worked on his talents and honed his in-ring personality. In 2007 Cody made his WWE TV debut and began to climb into the ranks. He was able to take on various characters and stories, showing his versatility and dedication to his profession.

It was his time as a part of the group Legacy that Cody really began to shine. Alongside fellow second-generation stars Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase Jr., Cody captured the interest to his fellow members of the WWE Universe. His abilities in the ring, his charisma and ability to connect with fans were apparent and pointing to the rise of a potential star.

Breaking Boundaries and the Independent Circuit

Despite his success in WWE, Cody made the courageous decision to leave from the organization in the year the year 2016. Looking for freedom of expression and a chance to discover new possibilities, he set off on a path which would take him to the flourishing independently-run wrestling industry. This was a pivotal stage in his career giving him the freedom to free himself from the rigors of a traditional workplace and express his creative side.

Cody’s entry in the world of self-promotion was transformational. He was thrilled to write his own story and build his personal brand and participate in fantasies matches with fellow wrestlers from around the globe. The time he spent participating in events such as Ring of Honor (ROH) and New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) demonstrated his dedication to providing top-quality performances as well as expanding the boundaries of what wrestling can be.

The Birth of AEW and Cultural Impact

In the year 2019, Cody was instrumental in the formation of All Elite Wrestling (AEW) an all-new wrestling promotion that was designed to offer an alternative to mainstream. In his role as one of the executives of AEW, Cody had a part in shaping the company’s strategy and vision. AEW quickly gained momentum and became a prominent participant in the world of wrestling.

Cody’s contribution to AEW transcended the boardroom. He was able to continue to create thrilling matches and captivating stories that resonated with the fans. A standout among the memorable moments of the course of his AEW professional career is his battle against the brother of his, Dustin Rhodes, at the first AEW tournament, Double or Nothing. The intense match, which showcased the physicality and the storytelling aspect that wrestling provides, has left an irresistible mark on the business.

Legacy Beyond the Ring

Cody Rhodes’ influence transcends the limits of wrestling. His dedication to philanthropy and community involvement is evident through his involvement in numerous charitable projects. He has made use of his platform to increase awareness and promote causes that are dear to him which reflects his determination to make a difference beyond the entertainment industry.



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Net Worth

Cody Rhodes’ net worth is estimated to be approximately $5 million in 2023. Cody Garrett Runnels Rhodes is a American pro-wrestler and performer. He currently is signed to WWE and performs under the Raw brand.

Additionally, Cody’s venture into other entertainment and media has revealed his diverse abilities. He has also delved into acting, starring in television and film as well as demonstrating an avid passion for branding and entrepreneurship. Cody’s ability to expand his portfolio and excel in different areas highlights his versatility and passion.

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