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Bhuvneshwar Kumar, the Indian cricketing sensation, has established himself as one of the premier fast bowlers in the world. With his ability to generate swing and seam movement, coupled with precise line and length, he has become a vital component of the Indian cricket team. In this article, we will delve into the journey of Bhuvneshwar Kumar, his rise to prominence, his skills, and his contributions to Indian cricket.

Early Life and Cricketing Beginnings:

Bhuvneshwar Kumar was born on February 5, 1990, in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India. From a young age, he showed immense interest and talent in cricket. He began his formal training at the Meerut Sports Goods Foundation, where he honed his skills under the guidance of coach Sanjay Rastogi. Bhuvneshwar’s ability to swing the ball both ways at a considerable pace caught the attention of selectors, and he soon made his mark in domestic cricket.

Domestic Career:

Bhuvneshwar made his debut for Uttar Pradesh in the Ranji Trophy in 2008-09. His consistent performances in domestic cricket led to his selection in the India A team, where he showcased his potential against international opponents. He impressed with his ability to exploit the swing-friendly conditions and pick up wickets regularly. Bhuvneshwar’s exploits with the ball earned him a call-up to the national team, marking the beginning of a remarkable international career.

International Debut:

Bhuvneshwar Kumar made his international debut for India in a One Day International (ODI) against Pakistan in December 2012. He immediately made an impact, picking up three wickets in the match. His ability to swing the ball upfront and in the death overs, combined with his accuracy, made him a potent weapon for the Indian team. Bhuvneshwar’s calm and composed demeanor under pressure also played a crucial role in his early success.

Rise to Prominence:

Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s rise to prominence came during the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy held in England. He emerged as the leading wicket-taker of the tournament, taking 6 wickets in 5 matches and played a vital role in India’s triumph. His impeccable control over swing and seam movement troubled batsmen, and he consistently provided breakthroughs for his team. Bhuvneshwar’s ability to swing the ball both ways troubled even the most accomplished batsmen, and he soon became a force to be reckoned with in international cricket.

Skills and Technique:

What sets Bhuvneshwar Kumar apart is his ability to swing the ball prodigiously. His skillful manipulation of seam and control over swing allows him to trouble batsmen across all formats of the game. Bhuvneshwar possesses an exemplary bowling action, a smooth run-up, and a high-arm release that enables him to generate swing at varying speeds. He has an uncanny ability to swing the ball both ways, making it difficult for batsmen to predict the movement. Additionally, his accuracy and ability to hit the right lengths consistently make him a formidable bowler.

Contribution to Indian Cricket:

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been an invaluable asset to the Indian cricket team. He has played a significant role in India’s success in various formats. In Test cricket, he has led the Indian bowling attack with his swing and control. In ODIs, his ability to provide early breakthroughs and control the run-rate in the death overs has made him a crucial component of the team’s success. Bhuvneshwar has also been a key player in India’s T20 International setup.


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Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s Wife:

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is married to Nupur Nagar. The couple tied the knot on November 23, 2017, in a private ceremony attended by close family and friends. Nupur Nagar hails from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, just like Bhuvneshwar. She completed her Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and has been a constant source of support for Bhuvneshwar throughout his cricketing career.

Net Worth of Bhuvneshwar Kumar:

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2022, Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s net worth was estimated to be around $5 million. However, please note that net worth figures can vary over time due to factors such as contracts, endorsements, investments, and other financial endeavors. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been associated with several endorsements and brand collaborations, including being a brand ambassador for companies like Dream11 and PlayerzPot. His performances and contributions to Indian cricket, along with his popularity, have contributed to his overall net worth.

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