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Austin Watson, better known as his ring name “Xavier Woods,”” is an incredibly multifaceted superstar within the professional world of wrestling. Born on the 4th of September 1986 in Columbus, Georgia, Watson has been a major contributor to the sport as a musician, wrestler and entertainer. Being a major part of the well-known WWE group “The New Day” Watson has become popular with fans and is an important name in the wrestling world.


Early Life and Academic Pursuits

Austin Watson’s path to the top of the wrestling world started with a love for academics as well as an interest in sports. He was a student at Sprayberry High School in Marietta, Georgia, where he excelled academically and displayed an early interest in playing different instruments. Watson’s academic prowess was evident when he was crowned high school with the title of valedictorian. This demonstrated his dedication to education and improvement in himself.

While academic achievement was significant in the life of Watson, his enthusiasm for entertainment and wrestling was also a major part of his life. Watson began to take an interest in comic books, video games as well as professional wrestling as a child drawing inspiration from the bigger-than-life characters from WWE and other media.

Music Career and Educational Pursuits

After graduating from high college, Watson took up higher-education through Furman University in South Carolina where he studied philosophical and psychological sciences. While at Furman, he continued cultivate his musical talent and launched his YouTube channel with his name “Austin Creed.” Through his YouTube channel, he made videos and entertainment, displaying his varied interests and charismatic character.

Watson’s enthusiasm for games and pop culture eventually led Watson to be introduced WWE celebrity R-Truth (Ron Killings) at a wrestling convention. Their mutual interests led to an acquaintance, which then played a major role in Watson’s entrance into professional wrestling.

“The birth” of Xavier Woods:

The year 2005 was the time that Austin Watson embarked on his journey of wrestling by enrolling in the wrestling academy at the direction of George South. Under the direction of South he honed his skills in the ring, and learning the art of telling stories during wrestling games. Watson chose to adopt the ring’s nickname “Austin Creed” to pay tribute to his passion for video games such as “Street Fighter.”

After appearing in different separate promotions Watson was offered the chance to join TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Wrestling (now called IMPACT Wrestling) in 2007. The wrestler was under the moniker “Consequences Creed,” showcasing his ability to fly high and his natural charisma.

Despite his talent Watson’s time with TNA was not the breakthrough he wanted. However, in the year 2010 Watson was spotted by the attention at WWE who offered him a development contract with WWE.

“The New Day and Championship Success:

2013 was the year that Watson was the first wrestler to debut on WWE’s developing zone, NXT, with the new ring name “Xavier Woods.” The first time he appeared in NXT was fairly low-key however, it was just a matter of time until Watson was in a pivotal moment for his career.

In the latter half of 2014, WWE creative team up Xavier Woods with Kofi Kingston and Big E, forming the famous trio dubbed “The New Day.” It was initially planned to be an inspirational group featuring positive messages. However, they had a difficult time to make a connection with the crowd. But a turning point was when they made the decision to be themselves and let their personality and humour shine through. This change in direction resulted in an amazing transformation that turned they into one of the more enjoyable and loved groups throughout WWE history.

“The New Day” was a cult song that became associated with unicorn horns, trombones and their catchy catchy slogan, “New Day Rocks!” Their wit and chemistry made them popular with fans, and they began to gain momentum as fan favorites as well as fierce rivals.

The year 2015 saw “The New Day” took home their first WWE Tag Team Championship in the very first time. their era of optimism and fun lasted an incredible 483 days and set the record as the longest championship run of tag teams throughout WWE history. The success of the group helped propel the tag-team wrestling genre to a higher level of popularity and relevancy.

Beyond Wrestling:

Other than wrestling Xavier Woods has managed to stay true to his passions and interests. His love of video games helped him become a well-known figure in the gaming world. He is the co-host of the gaming channel on YouTube “UpUpDownDown,” which features celebrities and wrestlers playing video games, and participating in challenging challenges.

Watson’s musical abilities weren’t omitted. Watson released music singles, and collaborated with other musicians, showing that he’s more than a mere wrestler.

The Social Effect and the Representation

A single among Xavier Woods’ most significant contributions is his passion for advocating for representation and diversity in the world of wrestling. As a wrestler from Africa, Woods is aware of the importance of establishing positive role models to fans from all backgrounds. Through his involvement with WWE and in the media, Watson has broken barriers and broken stereotypes, proving that passion and talent have no limits.



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Net Worth

Austin Watson’s pay in 2023 stood at $5 million. Austin Watson is an American professional left winger in ice hockey who is currently a free agent. He was most recently a player with the Ottawa Senators of the National Hockey League. He was drafted as the 18th pick overall by Nashville Predators in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.


Austin Watson’s path from a solitary valedictorian with an interest in music and gaming and eventually being Xavier Woods, a prominent WWE superstar and multi-talented performer is a testimony to his determination and aplomb. From his beginnings on the independent circuit until becoming the first part of “The New Day,” he has left an indelible impression on the world of wrestling. Watson’s dedication to education, representation and entertaining fans has established his name not just in the history of wrestling but as well within the hearts of fans across the globe. While Xavier Woods continues to entertain and inspire, both inside and outside the ring his reputation as a Renaissance wrestler will be a constant for decades to come.

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